New French Lavender Pattern in 100% Cotton Sateen Bedding! Please allow up to 25 business days to receive these custommade items. I have almost all funnel scarves in stock for immediate shipment.

About Our Fabrics

Update: The company I use to make my apparel and accessories is moving in the direction of printing on more natural fabrics. They will soon be printing using reactive printing on natural fabrics like cotton and silk. When this happens, I will shift all my products to that line. Currently the fabrics in my products are:
  • A UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) rating of 50, which means upwards of 97.5% of ultraviolet radiation is blocked by the fabrics. Leggings are great for surfing!
  • They wick moisture away from the body. Unlike natural fabrics, polyester doesn't absorb much moisture. The moisture is pulled through the fabric towards the outer surface where it can evaporate. A crop top and a pair of capri leggings are perfect for spin class.
  • Quick dry. These fabrics dry super fast in comparison to natural fabrics like cotton. No need to put these fabrics in the dryer. Just save the energy and hang them. They'll be dry in no time.
  • 4 way stretch. This means the fabric can stretch and recover (go back to its original shape) both lengthwise and widthwise. You can wear a pair of leggings, a beanie or skirt over and over again and the fabric won't warp.

For details specific to each fabric, keep reading!

Performance Knit

  • 88% polyester, 12% spandex
  • Weight: 280g/m2
  • Black light reactive
  • We use it for leggings, capris, skirts, crop tops and shorts

Swimsuit Knit

  • 72% polyester, 28% spandex
  • Weight: 260g/m2
  • Black light reactive
  • waist band in our yoga leggings

Silky Knit

  • 85% polyester, 15% spandex
  • Weight: 180g/m2
  • Silky feeling that softens even more with washing
  • Used for our kimono robe & draped kimono

Spun Polyester

  • 88% polyester, 12% spandex
  • Weight: 240g/m2
  • Pill resistant even after multiple washings
  • We use it for the shell of our beanies (outer layer)
by Anne Brown
Oct 16, 2018